3-Mode Oral Irrigator – Updated Version pro Dental Water Jet Floser Rechargeable Water Flosser Powerful Pulsation with a high ability liquid Tank – By Duomishu

By | January 25, 2017

3-Mode Oral Irrigator – Updated variation pro Dental Water Jet Floser Rechargeable Water Flosser Powerful Pulsation with a high ability Water Tank – By Duomishu

3-Mode Oral Irrigator - Updated Version Professional Dental water-jet Floser Rechargeable Water Flosser Powerful Pulsation with High Capacity liquid Tank - By Duomishu

  • ★ Pulsating jet-water flush into the gum location 50-90% profoundly clean oral area successfully and increase personal dental, oral health and give a wide berth to gum infection. With a proven combination of water force and pulsations, oral irrigator can eliminate parasites and food dirt deeply between teeth and below the gumline, where cleaning and flossing won’t attain.
  • ★ Water container is straightforward to clean, 360 level rotated nozzle, convenient to clean your dental location every-where and pulsating jet-water clean oral area effortlessly offer you a far better gum health. Extra-large reservoir is removable and easy to refill.
  • ★ Power and Modes control separated, you can easily select your mode initially and start the product; good motor which develop less temperature, less noise and sturdy life. Two-minute auto-timer. It is stop operating instantly in 2 mins to prevent any accident happened once you forgot to show from the device after finished washing.
  • ★ Ideal for those who put on the dental braces and may eliminate the food leftovers easily where in fact the standard brush cannot reach when anyone put on the dental brace. Additionally clears your sinuses with added benefits that include lowering. allergies,sinusitis,post nasal dip,snoring caused by nasal congestions,smog,smoke or substance visibility, and dry swollen membranes.
  • ★ 165ml liquid container with 2 replacement nozzles ideal for several people, universal current 100 to 240V~50/60Hz, run on rechargeable electric batteries, enables you to go with you when you travel overseas! Three operating modes for different oral attention requirements: typical, soft, and pulse. Easy for various use in day-to-day dental hygiene.

➤ Powerful Jet water removes food leftovers between teeth which can be difficult to attain with a normal brush.
➤ The strong, pulsating water-jet flushes out food particles where the brush cannot get to.
➤ in addition it washes away loosened plaque from the rooms between the teeth and carefully massages the gum tissue.
➤ the effect is healthier gum tissue. Regular cleaning assists within the prevention of gum disease and improves your individual dental and oral hygiene.

qualities & Advantages:

✶ 1. Clean interdental area effortlessly
✶ 2. rub gum
✶ 3. Simple one-button use
✶ 4. Waterproof and washable
✶ 5. Jet water nozzle rotates in almost every course
✶ 6. Rechargeable
✶ 7. Patent, CE, ROHS, FCC certificates


✶ 1. Operated by 2pcs of AA size NIMH rechargeable batteries(battery pack included)
✶ 3. Battery capacity: 1700mah*2
✶ 4. liquid stress: 72.5-123Psi
✶ 5. Pump Frequency:

Checklist Cost: $ 35.90


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