“ADVANCED LEVEL MEGA-10-DAY TEETH WHITENING KIT WITH 44percent GEL” (a quarter-hour, once a day. HAS: brand new soft & flexible tray, Whitening Booster light and essential after-whitening therapy.). Dentist Approved. Love Your Smile

By | December 21, 2016

“ADVANCED MEGA-10-DAY TEETH WHITENING KIT WITH 44per cent GEL” (quarter-hour, daily. HAS: brand new soft & versatile tray, Whitening Booster light and important after-whitening therapy.). Dentist Approved. Love Your Look

  • The ultimate 10 time kit when it comes to many severe outcomes.
  • Includes 10cc gel (44% Gel) Whitening Accelerator Light + After Whitening Restorative Treatment
  • Love Your Smile Brand Exclusive. Beware of Imitations.
  • 15 mins once per day
  • Desensitizer gel to freeze whiteness and eliminate susceptibility

44per cent Premium teeth whitening gel and innovative silicone teeth whitening tray are ready to whiten your teeth to a white colored glow. Included could be the whitening activator light that improves whitening outcomes. Get a vital after whitening treatment serum that’s ideal for getting rid of sensitiveness to hot or cold and locks in whitening producing a healthier barrier from products which tarnish teeth.
You will notice the whitening outcomes after your first usage.
For most readily useful outcomes make use of as soon as daily in succession.
Teeth Whitening gel penetrates deeply eliminating yellowish and restoring a healthy and balanced radiant smile.
10cc syringe delivers 10-12 whitening applications to ensure your whitest brightest teeth.
44percent Carbamide Peroxide Gel
Silicone tray is ready formed. Included is a handy case.
Item: Ultimate Teeth Whitening Kit with Strongest 44% Gel (10cc) Incl. Whitening Tray, Gel activator and whitening booster light and desensitizing solution. Provides: 10-12 whitening programs per syringe to ensur

List Price: $ 24.95


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