Advanced Teeth pieces – expert power Whitestrips 14 Day Supply by White 360

By | December 21, 2016

Advanced Teeth pieces – Professional Strength Whitestrips 14 Day provide by White 360

Advanced Teeth pieces - expert Strength Whitestrips 14 Day provide by White 360

  • BUY FROM HAMILTON GROUP and then have transported from American. Advanced Teeth pieces arrive a sealed package – guaranteed in full Fresh – Includes 28 Strips for a 2 few days Supply
  • Double Elastic Gel Teeth Whitening Strips – Mint Flavor
  • Sealed package with 14 mini Aluminum pouches each with 2 pieces (upper and lower) complete of 28 strips enough for 14 day-to-day applications
  • Stay energetic and move on with your day while whitening – 30 min session each day.
  • Gain extremely white teeth in only fourteen days – outcomes start showing on first application!

1. keep carefully the pieces in an awesome location. 2. Never handle these with wet hands. 3. attempt to wipe your smile with a napkin to dry your teeth before applying. 4. Do NOT use the strips right after cleaning your teeth. It is advisable to not ever brush your teeth before whitening however have to floss and wash your teeth good before whitening. You can easily clean lightly after whitening. Sealed foil package is sold with 14 pouches of 2 pieces (one for top plus one for reduced teeth) complete of 28 strips, two weeks supply. Advanced teeth pieces are easy to use. You are able to whiten your teeth in just 14 days. You don’t need lips trays or ties in tubes or pens. These whitening strips are really easy to use. Advanced teeth pieces 100% enamel secure. Complete results in week or two – The sealed field contains 14 mini aluminum pouches, each locking up the freshness of 2 strips. You’ll also get a free of charge shade guide in order to visit your development. Please don’t give up on the pieces after the very first program, you

List Cost: $ 10.97


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