Advanced Ways to Obtain Perfect Teeth Whitening Smile

By | November 13, 2016

Every person wishes to have a excellent smile. For a mind blowing smile, one really should have crystal, bright, and shiny teeth.

Right now, a lot of people are paying more cash just to have their teeth brighter. They make use of the finest teeth whitening treatments and undergo procedures to get the brilliant white teeth.

Teeth whitening had been a good procedure to brighten the color of the teeth, without taking away any of the tooth surface. It will not totally whiten the whole set of teeth; it will just lighten the existing appearance of the teeth.

Only a very few are gifted with pearly white teeth, and our teeth usually become discolored as we grow up.

Our teeth can also be tarnished on the exterior part because of the meals and drink. Espresso, tea, blackcurrant and red wine have impact on the stain of our teeth. Smoking cigarettes is another cause of teeth discoloration. Most people may encounter staining underneath the surface which is caused by minor cracks in the teeth or certain antibiotics that absorb the stains.

But what are these teeth whitening treatment options and procedures? And just how it is done?

1) Bleaching Teeth Whitening Smile

Advanced Ways to Obtain Perfect Teeth Whitening Smile Bleaching whitening

This is most frequently used form of teeth whitening procedure. Your dental professional will guide you if this is the most useful teeth whitening treatment suitable for you.

Bleaching is done by placing a solution or rubber to shield the soft tissue of your gums. Then, the whitening product will be applied on your teeth by using a special tray which shapes into your mouth like a gum shell.

The teeth whitening chemical usually consists of carbamide peroxide and hydrogen peroxide as the ‘active ingredients’. When these ingredients break down, the oxygen enters the enamel of your teeth thus, making the color lighter. The entire treatment can be completed in three to four weeks’ time.

For those who wish to proceed through this treatment, you will need at least three visits to the dental professional. On your first visit, the dentist will make a mouth-guard and take a caricature or impressions of your toothache. Once the procedures have started, it is recommended that you continue it at home. You have to regularly apply the teeth whitening product over four weeks, for at least 30 minutes at a time.

Most of the known and best teeth whitening products can be applied for up to several hours at a time. The treatment can be done even while you’re sleeping. Ideally, a good result can be attained in as little as one week.

2) Laser Teeth Whitening Smile

Advanced Ways to Obtain Perfect Teeth Whitening Smile Laser whitening

This is also called the “power whitening”. Though costly, a lot of people especially artists consider it as the best teeth whitening method.

During this process, a rubber dam is inserted over your teeth to shield the gums, and the whitening product is then coated on your teeth. A laser will be used to trigger the material. The light will help boost the chemical reaction of the bleaching product, thus the color change can be reached more rapidly.

Dental consultants believe that the result of laser whitening treatment is good. It can make your teeth up to half a dozen shades lighter.

Sad to say, not everyone can get a chance to undergo laser treatment. The dentist will have to check your teeth and ensure that you are fit for the treatment. The total procedure is usually done in an hour.

The impact of this power whitening is said to endure up to three years depending on the patient. The dentist still advice not to smoke cigarettes, eat and drink products that may cause a stain in your teeth. Others may find their teeth sensitive to cold after the procedure. But these symptoms usually vanish within a few days.

These are just two of the famous and best teeth whitening techniques available. Despite the fact that they may cost a lot, the effect is still worth it. Through these methods, you’ll surely flash everyone a perfect smile.

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