AquaFio – Tiny Rechargable Electrical Hydro-Flosser; Carefully Pulses Liquid To Remove Plaque and Debris; Perfect For Braces Blue

By | February 20, 2017

AquaFio – Little Rechargable Electrical Hydro-Flosser; Gently Pulses Water To Remove Plaque and Debris; Perfect For Braces Blue

AquaFio - tiny Rechargable Electric Hydro-Flosser; carefully Pulses liquid To Remove Plaque and Debris; ideal for Braces Blue

  • Shower-safe to keep carefully the water spray mess off your mirrors and counter
  • Use liquid or your preferred mouthwash
  • Designed to save lots of space in your countertop, while however utilizing a big integrated water tank
  • Compact and countertop friendly with extended cost battery
  • Three cleansing settings: typical, mild (for sensitive and painful gum tissue), and pulse

The AquaFioTM is a rechargeable electric hydroflosser that utilizes gentle pulses of water to skyrocket meals particles and dirt that may get trapped in the middle of your teeth and gum tissue. The AquaFioTM may be the perfect go with to your normal brushing routine helping avoid plaque accumulation and gingivitis while improving the health of one’s gum tissue. Ideal for anyone who has trouble flossing or cleaning away meals and dirt that gets caught in braces, crowns or dental care appliances. In addition great as you can use it in shower and eliminate water squirt on your own mirror!

List Cost: $ 99.99


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