Bamboo Activated Charcoal Powder 1 pound – meals level – Use For Teeth Whitening, Odor Absorber, Detoxifies, food digestion, Mask cosmetic, Vegetable Wash – Homemade tooth paste & Cooking – all natural

By | December 31, 2016

Bamboo Activated Charcoal Powder 1 pound – meals level – usage For Teeth Whitening, Odor Absorber, Detoxifies, Digestion, Mask Skincare, Vegetable clean – home made Toothpaste & Cooking – all natural

Bamboo Activated Charcoal Powder 1 lb - meals level - Use For Teeth Whitening, Odor Absorber, Detoxifies, Digestion, Mask cosmetic, Vegetable Wash - do-it-yourself Toothpaste & Cooking - 100% Natural

  • ADVANCED HIGH QUALITY BAMBOO ACTIVATED CHARCOAL POWDER: The Phaii bamboo activated charcoal powder is a healthcare product of high standards. Its burnt in heat of greater than 1,000 levels Celsius and contains a higher degree of carbon purity. Additionally, it includes no tar or toxins that can be very dangerous for your health.
  • ACQUIRE BEAUTIFUL PEARLY WHITE TEETH: Phaii charcoal dust will allow you to have a striking laugh in the event that you put some in your tooth paste. It could whiten your teeth into the easiest means. Moreover it works as an odor absorbent and it keeps the mouth area healthy.
  • DETOXIFY YOURSELF AND RAISE YOUR HEALTH: this unique, natural powder can effortlessly detoxify your system. It may assist the procedure for digestion and save you from unpleasant sense of bloating. What is more, it can be utilized as a vegetable clean and facilitate the removal means of dirt and pesticides from vegetables and fruits just before consume them.
  • MASK THE SKIN: Use this premium high quality bamboo activated charcoal powder to produce face and the body masks that may revitalize your complexion and make you appear radiant. Besides your skin layer, your hair can be more powerful and softer.
  • RELIEVE ITCHINESS AND SORENESS: in the event of bug bites, burns or wounds, this unique, natural healthcare product promises to alleviate you against any present itchiness or discomfort. Simply blend it with liquid and apply on your own skin to feel a lot better.

Remain Healthy And simply take Utmost Care Of Your Body because of This Groundbreaking Charcoal Powder

Phaii can provide you with the greatest personal treatment product. This finest quality bamboo activated charcoal dust can perhaps work marvels for you and your wellness.

it could efficiently detoxify the body and facilitate the food digestion process, saving you through the unpleasant sense of bloating.

furthermore, it may neat and whiten your teeth when you look at the most natural way and it also works as an odor absorbent.

Acquire A Healthy Skin And intense, smooth Hair

Phaii bamboo triggered charcoal powder can be used to make face and body masks that can rejuvenate your skin layer and also make you appear fresh and radiant. It tends to make the hair and nails strong and healthier.

This amazing, all-natural health care item may also relieve the itchiness and pain caused by burns, bites and wounds.

Forget about poor quality, ineffective charcoal powders and trust this org

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