Dazzlepro DP28150-0100 Advanced Liquid Flosser

By | December 25, 2016

Dazzlepro DP28150-0100 Advanced Water Flosser

Dazzlepro DP28150-0100 Advanced Liquid Flosser

  • Hits deeply between teeth to eradicate plaque
  • Delivers 1,700 pulses per minute
  • Great for all with gum susceptibility or braces
  • regular, smooth and Pulse modes to match your convenience level
  • Rechargeable electric battery, one charge continues approx. 1 month, Easy-to-fill water tank and 2-minute automobile timer

Water irrigators were been shown to be much more effective at getting rid of plaque than string flossing alone and are also a gentle alternative to those with gum sensitiveness. The Dazzelpro Elite Oral Irrigator uses a robust water-stream at 1,700 pulses each minute to eliminate plaque and meals debris from deep between your teeth and below your gum line. Leaves your mouth feeling incredibly fresh and clean, the same as after a professional dental cleaning. Loaded with a sophisticated liquid stress control system, the unit provides Normal, Soft and Pulse settings allowing you to personalize your knowledge to match your comfort level. 2-Minute car Timer guarantees the perfect flossing time is attained. Particularly efficient for folks who put on braces since the water stream can reach between cables and brackets effortlessly. Includes a rechargeable battery pack and an easy-to-fill water tank.

List Cost: $ 45.99


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