Dental treatments Water Flosser – Air Technology Oral Irrigator or Air Floss Water Choose

By | December 23, 2016

Dental Care Water Flosser – Air tech Oral Irrigator or Air Floss liquid choose

Dental Care liquid Flosser - Air Technology Oral Irrigator or Air Floss liquid Pick

  • Jet liquid away plaque, meals debris, and bacteria from in between your smile making use of our water choose flosser- a lot more efficient and sensitive than string floss
  • Engineered become battery-less and without cords- utilizes atmosphere technology to create a jet flow, perfect for travel
  • Specially designed low profile tip is meant to attain the rear of your smile and keep maintaining every area of teeth clean
  • You also can include mouthwash to water for a fresher experience
  • 5 year guarantee, buy risk free

Promote healthy gum tissue and teeth using this atmosphere powered hydro floss liquid pick. No electric batteries, cord, or charging stations is needed. Using environment technology that is propels the water, energy floss blasts away food dirt that is on as well as in between your teeth. Hydro floss easily hits the rear of your smile because of its low-profile tip. Get rid of the dependence on floss with this specific useful product. Irrigating teeth is less abrasive that making use of tooth floss on your gum tissue. You may also add slightly mouthwash into the jet for a cleaner experience. Item also works great with those people who have braces and they are unable to floss as successfully. For most readily useful treatment clean out all fluids from liquid pick after each and every use.

Checklist Price: $ 14.99


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