Expertwhite Severe 44percent Teeth Whitening Gel (6-gels) FREE SHIPPING

By | December 10, 2016

Expertwhite Extreme 44% Teeth Whitening Gel (6-gels) FREE SHIPPING

Expertwhite Extreme 44percent Teeth Whitening Gel (6-gels) FREE DELIVERY

  • STRONGEST TEETH WHITENING GEL AVAILABLE: Premium Expertwhite gel 44percent carbamide Peroxide in Glycerine
  • EXTREME RESULTS TOOTH WHITENING IN RECORD TIME: enamel Whitening Gels delivers severe whitening leads to record time.
  • 15-MINUTES THERAPY TIME:Get your brightest, whitest Get your brightest, whitest teeth using the strongest tooth whitening gel offered. Simply a quarter-hour.
  • 6 SYRINGES, 3-CC EACH: provides to 24 whitening sessions of quarter-hour each (trays maybe not included).
  • #1 RANKED TEETH WHITENING GEL by dentists and customers.

Professional Whitening Extreme outcomes Tooth Whitening Gels provides severe whitening causes record time. Ensure you get your brightest, whitest teeth because of the strongest tooth whitening gel offered. Brand: Expert Whitening Kit includes: Six (5) syringes Each syringe is 3cc (add up to remedies 20 for 5 syringes) Delivers severe tooth whitening within fifteen minutes Dentist approved PH balanced No animal testing 44-percent carbamide peroxide enamel bleach in glycerin incredibly strong enamel whitening solution; wipe of extra gel from gum tissue in order to avoid muscle irritation steer clear of kids Non-toxic and safe on enamel measurements: 6 inches x 9 ins x 2 inches Warnings: avoid young ones; if comes into experience of eyes flush with hot water; pregnant or lactating contact physician before use

Checklist Cost: $ 27.95


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