HailiCare Dental Oral Irrigator liquid Flosser Teeth SPA Pick Cleaner – Make your teeth whitening & cleansing

By | February 11, 2017

HailiCare Dental Oral Irrigator Water Flosser Teeth SPA choose Cleaner – Make your teeth whitening & Cleaning

HailiCare Dental Oral Irrigator Water Flosser Teeth salon choose Cleaner - Make your teeth whitening & Cleaning

  • A “must-have” for people, MINI 70ml capacity
  • No electricity not need electric batteries, even more safer and save your self money
  • Removes dirt between teeth that will be hard to attain with floss
  • Usage: Flush your teeth after meals and before sleeping,keep wellness for dental cavity
  • Package Include: 1 x Water Jet Oral Irrigator

This oral irrigator utilizes an acute liquid jet to clean the spaces between your teeth and to reach difficult to clean areas that standard toothbrushes may struggle to reach.

Freshens air
Provides dental care flossing
eliminates debris and decreases micro-organisms
Improves gum wellness
Cleanses braces, bridges, crown, implant

How to use:
1.Add water under ” FULL”. The water temperature cannot exceed 40℃.
2.Use stress handle about 10 times.
3.Switch on.

Color:White and Blue
Material: Food-grade ABS&Siliconev Ability: 70 mlv Package Size: 5.5cm*5.5cm*18.5cm

1.Do perhaps not dismantle this item at any time other than when disposing of it.
2.Do maybe not utilize in the open air or function where aerosol items are becoming utilized or air is being utilized or administered. 
3.Use of this item may�

Checklist Cost: $ 22.60


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