Imako Cosmetic Upper Teeth for ladies 1 Pack (huge, Bleached)

By | December 17, 2016

Imako Cosmetic Upper Teeth for Women 1 Pack (big, Bleached)

Imako Cosmetic Upper Teeth for ladies 1 Pack (big, Bleached)

  • UPPERS JUST in Natural Coloring, Size Small and ideal for ladies. Fitting Material Included. Freedom to smile, take in and smoke while using.
  • Safest Aesthetic Tooth cover, no Dental Visit Required! Made in United States Of America and Food And Drug Administration Approved.
  • Do your very own Smile Makeover, easily fit in your own personal kitchen area! Fits securely, comfortably over your top teeth. No lisping.
  • Hides enamel loss/crookedness/stains/broken teeth and may be fitted over crowns, veneers, partials and bondings.
  • Fitting: Measure across the width of the four forward teeth. When it is nearer to 1-1/8th inches (28 mm.) purchase size tiny. If nearer to 1-1/4th ins (32 mm.) purchase dimensions big.

Imako Cosmetic Teeth® would be the perfect solution for when Conventional Dentistry is certainly not a choice. Our product hides tooth loss and certainly will be fitted over crowns, veneers, partials and bondings. Imako Cosmetic Teeth® are something you can feel good about purchasing since they are made with attention in the USA and FDA accepted. Look great in photos, for special events and upscale activities with no dental session required! Your purchase will arrive level but be arch-shaped and springy once fitted. Extra molding must most readily useful fit the design of your lips. Our product isn’t a dental or therapeutic device and strictly for theatrical usage in case your live within GA. Fitting: Measure across the width of the four front teeth. In case it is closer to: 1-1/8th ins (28 mm.) order size SMALL 1-1/4th ins (32 mm.) order size LARGE

Checklist Cost: $ 35.00


3 thoughts on “Imako Cosmetic Upper Teeth for ladies 1 Pack (huge, Bleached)

  1. dorthea busbuy
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    3.0 out of 5 stars
    Three Stars, April 4, 2015

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    Well what do u think

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  2. the yesteryear kid
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    5.0 out of 5 stars
    IMAKO covers. a FULL review. top to bottom. good and bad…, June 6, 2015
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    this is an update of an earlier review. ive seen many questions and have answered a few one-by-one. but thought this would be better as an overall, honest, and ‘what the hell are these things?’ sorta review.

    so here goes.

    first. if you have any questions that i dont answer here go to the official IMAKO website. […] it is a very nice site and will answer ALL your questions with a few clicks.

    i first came across these via a google search of ‘cosmetic teeth’ (as i was about to be homeless, my teeth were a WRECK and i was desperate)

    i clicked on the link for these at the JOHNSON SMITH co. (remember them, kids?) and with the last of my ‘liquid’ cash got a set.

    long story short. i ended up in a shelter for homeless vets, managed to get into the dental program there and had my ‘imakos’ on standby.

    they took 14 of my teeth (or what was left of them) one day and scheduled me for repair of what was left. that was in 2013.

    here is breakdown of what was taken.

    lower…right canine. and all molars aft of pre-molars.

    upper…all four incisors and left pre-molar.

    after i was healed up enough from that. i got my ‘imakos’ and went to work.

    after some trial and error, i got the first set to fit and i looked human again. (tho the first set i got was too small, they still worked…i now buy the large size) the ‘imako’ site has sizing guides…tho as i say. the first set i got was ‘small’ and still looked fine. i moved to the ‘large’ as they were easier to fit.

    longer story short….i now am no longer homeless. and as such not longer qualify for free dental from the VA. so these are the way to go for me…

    the IMAKO cosmetic teeth breakdown. good and bad.

    you have read me mention the IMAKO website here several times. great place for info. not a great place to order. i got my first set from a third party as stated. when i got them, the packaging had the imako site. i tried two times to order sets from that site. neither time worked.

    use the site for info. order them from amazon. same price.

    these ARE NOT dentures! they are intended only for cosmetic purposes! to cover damage, missing teeth, work in progress, crooked teeth, things of that sort.

    you can NOT eat with them in. (‘cept for soft stuff like oatmeal, ice cream, yogurt, applesauce and stuff like that…and even then you will want to clean them asap)

    once you get use to fitting them, you will become adept at popping them out (say, dinner out…i can pop mine out in under half a second and no one notices)

    they stain VERY easily!!!! ‘specially if you are a coffee drinker or smoker. but with a little care, you can extend the life of each set. (i go thru two sets a year)

    it is suggested that you take them out while at home to lessen the chance of stains. this will increase the life of your set. but may give you pain when you put them in (my own experience) as when they are not in. your gums will start to ‘fill out’ any gaps (as gums do) and when you put them back in. you may feel pain or they wont fit as good.

    i have recently got a new set, and this is what i plan to do…have one set (the ones i have in right now) for home. and another set fit to the same dimensions for ‘public presentation’ the home set to ‘hold’ the contours of my gums, the public set for…well…public. this should cut down on the expense.

    IMAKO does NOT make any covers for the lower teeth. they are not trying to be mean. it just wouldnt work. if you need lowers. you need real dentures.

    so, drawbacks…cant eat with them. they stain easily. no lowers.

    that being said…

    on the good side. consider this.

    they are not too pricey. and for what they are. they work VERY well.

    when you get your first set. you WILL probably mess it up. (as i did, a few times) just take your time and keep working at it. the greatest thing about these is the fact that they are endlessly re-fit-able! you get it wrong, try again. till you get it right. you simply reheat them and smoosh the fitting material around and try again.

    my first set was a small. i learned i need a large. but even the small worked. after some ‘re-tries’…. now, i get it right pretty much first time, every time. if you mess up on the first try…reheat and do it again. this is not a ‘one shot’ thing! keep at it till you get it right.

    these are VERY thin. so even if you only need to cover crooked or crowded uppers they should work. and if you take your time and fit them right you will NOT look like a donkey, or a scary bunny, or any of the other comparisons ive read here. if you are gonna give up after the first try. then dont waste you cash just to write a nasty or even worse, useless ‘they dont work! garbage!’ review.

    if you find…

    Read more

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  3. Roxanne Cloud
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    3.0 out of 5 stars
    Three Stars, January 14, 2015

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    It is comfortable and helped ease pain of exposed nerves, easily adjusted to my fit.

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