Imako Cosmetic Upper Teeth for Women (Small, Normal Colors)

By | November 19, 2016

Imako Cosmetic Upper Teeth for ladies (Small, normal colors)

Imako Cosmetic Upper Teeth for Women (Small, All-natural Color)

  • UPPERS JUST in Natural Coloring, Size Small and ideal for women. Fitting Material Included. Freedom to laugh, take in and smoke while using.
  • Safest Cosmetic Tooth address, no Dental Browse Necessary! Manufactured in USA and Food And Drug Administration Approved.
  • Do your personal Smile Makeover, easily fit in yours home! Suits firmly, comfortably over your upper teeth. No lisping.
  • Hides enamel loss/crookedness/stains/broken teeth and will be fitted over crowns, veneers, partials and bondings.
  • Fitting: Measure across the width for the four forward teeth. When it is closer to 1-1/8th inches (28 mm.) order size tiny. If nearer to 1-1/4th inches (32 mm.) order dimensions big.

Imako Cosmetic Teeth® would be the perfect answer for when traditional Dentistry is certainly not an alternative. Our product hides tooth loss and will be fitted over crowns, veneers, partials and bondings. Imako Cosmetic Teeth® tend to be a product it is possible to feel well about buying since they are made out of treatment in america and FDA approved. Look great in photos, for special occasions and upscale occasions with no dental care visit necessary! Your acquisition will arrive level but be arch-shaped and springy when fitted. Extra molding must best fit the shape of the lips. Our product is not a dental or healing product and purely for theatrical usage in case your live within GA. Fitting: Measure over the width associated with four front teeth. If it’s nearer to: 1-1/8th inches (28 mm.) order dimensions SMALL 1-1/4th ins (32 mm.) order dimensions LARGE

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  1. Erin Prentice
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    Great temporary fix!, December 29, 2015

    Verified Purchase(What’s this?)
    I waited until I have used this product for over two months to assure that my review was accurate. About five years ago I had an infection set in my 4 front teeth, causing two double root canals. The root canals have caused my teeth to gradually weaken and begin to break. Due to being a stay at home mom with two small children, I am currently without the financial means to have them fixed as the cost per crown is astronomical. This has caused me a great amount of depression and self consciousness. One night, with luck I ran across this product. I paid full price, no incentive to give a positive review. I really am amazed by how natural this product can appear, though still will look like dentures in my opinion.(though compared to what has become of my natural teeth really a better choice) As other reviews stated, definitely can be difficult to get fitted just right, but worth the effort once you do, don’t give up, just keep trying! Love that you can just keep working with the material until you get it right. At first I thought that this would be great in a picture, which I haven’t smiled for in as long as I could remember. Then in the last few weeks I had two more teeth break on me. I reworked them yet again, and with a few dots of generic denture cream(equate $2) for extra security and comfort, and practice wearing and talking with them, I find myself wearing them for most of the day. I have half the self consciousness that my natural teeth give me. I am actually wearing lipstick for the first time in years! While I know this is a temporary fix and I pray everyday to find a way to fix my mouth, I couldn’t be happier that I found this product to help me through this rough patch. Takes time, patience and a little denture cream to get comfortable wearing these, but more than worth the cost for peace of mind. If your smile is a cause for stress like mine is this is definitely worth trying!
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