Jetpik PowerFloss Cartridge, (10) Pack

By | March 2, 2017

Jetpik PowerFloss Cartridge, (10) Pack

Jetpik PowerFloss Cartridge, (10) bring

  • 10 Pack of JETPIK Floss Cartridges
  • Patented Floss Design enables a 240per cent more beneficial removal
  • plaque than many other water flossers
  • Maximizes the cleansing Force for Hard to Reach Areas
  • Between Teeth and Under Gum Lines

10 Pack of JETPIK Floss Cartridges, swap every 2-4 Weeks.Patented Floss Design permits a 240per cent far better removal of plaque than many other liquid flossers.Maximizes the cleansing energy for challenging Reach Places, Between Teeth and Under Gum Lines.

Checklist Cost: $ 12.95


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