Liquorice-Mint tooth paste 75 ml by Lebon

By | February 19, 2017

Liquorice-Mint Toothpaste 75 ml by Lebon

Liquorice-Mint Toothpaste 75 ml by Lebon

  • The discreet liquorice touch frolicking with fresh mint. Awaken to a new minty fragrance, get a good start after meal with a mint – liquorice picker upper or prepare for a regal and suave evening utilizing the cinnamon touch.
  • Lebon toothpastes have actually 100% natural scent, no parabens, no triclosan, no fluorine, no colorings with no saccharin. Perhaps not tested on animals. Packing material is done through the materials of fresh timber which comes from lasting forests.
  • Tubes are constructed of laminated, recyclable products. Their dense coating of aluminum provides them with an elasticity for the yesteryears.

Experience a fine touch of liquorice associated with refreshing mint.

Checklist Cost: $ 16.00


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