Nicefeel® Cordless Rechargeable 3-Mode Water Flosser with 220ml Capacity liquid Tank FC158

By | January 5, 2017

Nicefeel® Cordless Rechargeable 3-Mode Water Flosser with 220ml ability liquid Tank FC158

Nicefeel® Cordless Rechargeable 3-Mode liquid Flosser with 220ml ability liquid Tank FC158

  • Light, rechargeable and portable design. Great for travel abroad
  • Three working settings (typical, smooth, & Pulse) and includes two color-coded strategies for multiple users
  • Especially efficient in cleaning around braces, implants and bridgework
  • Powerful lithium Ion electric battery and full-charge will last as much as 2 weeks
  • Universal current (100 to 240V~50/60Hz) and 100per cent waterproof. Is sold with 12 months guarantee.

The Nicefeel Portable Oral Irrigator provides a straightforward and efficient way to promotes healthy gums and better teeth.

Many Humanized Design
– The curve and slim human anatomy with improve design is modified for great handfeel and occupy less space on the bathroom countertop.
– One-touch settings. Three operating modes (typical, Soft, & Pulse) for varying oral attention requirements.
– Two color-coded and interchangeable ideas come for multiple people.
– Easy-to-fill reservoir with 220ml high-volume Water Capacity that is higher than typical lightweight liquid flosser.
– 100percent waterproof and maybe found in the bath.

More beneficial and Comfortable versus Floss
– an original combination of water pressure and pulsations flushes out bacteria from deep pouches over the gum range where regular flossing cannot achieve.
– Nozzle rotates 360° for cleaning every area of one’s oral. Two-minute automobile Power-Off after starting.
– Water flossing for about one minute each day co

Checklist Price: $ 65.95


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