Oral Irrigator-Luismia Dental Treatments Water Jet tooth Flosser Accessories- Enamel SPA-Teeth Choose Cleaner Shower-Teeth Flush Waterjet syringe

By | March 8, 2017

Oral Irrigator-Luismia dental treatments Water Jet tooth Flosser Accessories- Tooth SPA-Teeth choose Cleaner Shower-Teeth Flush Waterjet syringe

Oral Irrigator-Luismia dental hygiene Water Jet enamel Flosser Accessories- Tooth SPA-Teeth Pick Cleaner Shower-Teeth Flush Waterjet syringe

  • Luismia Dental cleaner proven to be a secure and reliable unit for cleaning the mouth area and teeth and avoiding gum disease, gingivitis, bleeding gum tissue and bad breathing.Flush your smile after meals and before resting and it’s also simple to hold a healthy body for mouth.
  • NO ELECTRICITY NEEDED, this oral irrigator running on liquid, keep your cash! During you cleansing, it’s noiseless.
  • 0.7MM LIQUID COLUMN worked by water pressure clean the foodstuff dirt & 1200 times/minute PULSATION therapeutic massage your gum and freshen your month.Effectively cleans sub-gingival and people hard-to-reach areas, been shown to be far better than dental care floss or toothbrushes for everyday dental attention.
  • 5 pieces Spray nozzle device in different color to stop any blend using, it’s hygienic and eye-appealing. 120 level nozzle close to your smile, you are able to flush your teeth gap easily.
  • Easy to put in at basins and in bath, and it’s also safe to use with water pressure. You are able to break on/off the button in one single second and fresh your month within 10 moments.

Do you realy still throw away cash wash your smile in dental care medical center?
Do you really bother by the unfresh odor?
Brush bristle is larger than our teeth space so your conventional brushing cannot flushes food dirt from deep involving the teeth and below the gum line,
thus reduces micro-organisms build-up that causes many gum health problems.
So try out this home usage dental flusher!

NOTE:This item is specially useful for dental rather than allowed to use for the eyes, ears and nose


colors: White
Material: ABS/PVC
Water stress Resistance: 2-6KG/min
Water Pressure Regulating: Yes

1 x abdominal muscles Faucet Diverter (45x40x45mm / white)
1 x vinyl Faucet connector (23x23x12mm / sliver)
1 x health level PVC hose pipe (6x6x1000mm / white)
1 x Handle (15x15x90mm / white)
5 x Nozzles (15x15x75mm / red, yellowish, blue, Green, Purple)
1 x 1 collection of Hanger (165x60x28mm / white)
1 x Hexagon Wrench (52x32x10mm / white)

Checklist Price: $ 23.99


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