Parateck Triple Flow Liquid Flosser Right-angle Water-jet Nozzle Oral Irrigator, FBA Shipping

By | February 3, 2017

Parateck Triple Flow Water Flosser Right-angle Water-jet Nozzle Oral Irrigator, FBA Shipping

Parateck Triple Flow Water Flosser Right Angle Water-jet Nozzle Oral Irrigator, FBA Shipping

  • Straight nozzle with protrude, clean the location a brush can not reach
  • Multiple channels + solitary flow, more effective cleaning, and also you can choose usually the one you like
  • Special bronze adapters for many types of tap: male faucet, female faucet, washing machine faucet
  • Wall mounted owner to stock the Flashing pipes, tooth brushes additionally the toothpaste
  • Make lips neat and breath fresh, no further to go to dental practitioner as frequently as usual

Parateck toothflush is an innovative oral irrigator for utilizes water stress from
the faucet generate effective liquid jets, that wash-out germs and vitamins required by germs.
It cleans all components of the mouth, especialy the difficult-to-brush areas, including
the significant gingival sulcus and interdental area. And also being much more clean
and energizing for your teeth and mouth, your gums can also be massaged because of the water-jet,
resulting in healthiest gum tissue.

Product functions:
Unique in marketplace 1 – Faucet functional
designed with adaptors which permit the experience of three types of water taps,
covering 98per cent of home water taps

Original in Market 2 – Multiple Cleaning Streams + solitary flow Nozzle
Parateck toofhflush’s is sold with 3 pc regarding the triple water-stream jet nozzle, not only
more effective on cleansing gingival sulcus and between teeth,but in addition in a position to clear
broad location such as area regarding the teeth and tongue, and get

Checklist Cost: $ 24.99


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