Portable Oral Irrigator guide liquid Flosser – Air Propelled Water Jet for dental hygiene, specifically for Sensitive Teeth and Gum Cleansing

By | November 26, 2016

Portable Oral Irrigator handbook liquid Flosser – Air Propelled Water Jet for Dental Care, specifically for fragile Teeth and Gum Cleansing

Portable Oral Irrigator Manual liquid Flosser - Air Propelled water-jet for dental hygiene, specifically for fragile Teeth and Gum Cleansing

  • Our Manual liquid Flosser utilizes air propelled water-stream to effortlessly jet away plaque, meals dirt, and bacteria from between your teeth and mouth.
  • Ergonomically designed low profile tip effortlessly reaches the rear of your smile and maintain all areas of one’s teeth clean.
  • The handbook water-jet flow is easy to manage and mild toward sensitive teeth and gum to obtain deep cleansing. Additionally, it is ideal for maintaining braces, bridges, implants, crowns, or periodontal pouches clean.
  • No battery packs or Cords is needed. Easy to carry in travel, extremely handheld. Less dangerous to use than many other electrically pressurized liquid pik flosser.
  • Constructed with top-notch, BPA-free plastic, and authorized because of the Food And Drug Administration as safe for oral use.

Our handbook water flosser provides a straightforward and efficient way to support healthy teeth and gum. Utilizing environment technology to propel the water flow, it successfully blasts away food debris on plus in between teeth, reducing the formation of periodontitis. Because of the specially created low profile tip, water flosser can simply achieve the rear of your teeth and challenging clean areas that main-stream toothbrushes may find it difficult to attain. Irrigating teeth is less abrasive than making use of enamel floss on the gum tissue. You may want to include only a little mouthwash in to the jet for a cleaner sensation. The item also works great with those who have braces, bridges, implants as they are not able to floss as effectively.
eliminates debris, reduces bacteria, control plagues
Provides dental care flossing
Improves gum health
Freshens breath
Deep Cleanses braces, bridges, crown & implants
Can attain all points regarding the lips

No batteries, cords, or asking channels is needed. Super portab

Checklist Cost: $ 25.99


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