Pro single Light-emitting Diode light increases the teeth whitening process. Includes warranty!

By | March 8, 2017

Professional single LED light boosts one’s teeth whitening procedure. Comes with guarantee!

Professional single LED light boosts one's teeth whitening process. Comes with warranty!

  • Simple,hands free, and simple to use
  • Directions: start battery storage space and take away the plastic tab situated in battery packs. Substitute electric batteries and begin !
  • LED whitening treatment inside comfortable surroundings of your own home without large dental practitioner expenses !
  • For usage with our teeth whitening gels, kits, or pens
  • Comes with a warranty….no other people do

Our new special light technology provides the exact same results as professional laser teeth whitening from your dentist! Our single Light-emitting Diode light will increase the oxidation means of the gel causing the release of more air which accerlates the whitening procedure. The air will act as a bleaching representative that whitens your smile, all without damage being carried out. The LED lights have already been scientifically which can accelerate the whitening process including result in the solution more efficient

List Price: $ 8.99


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