Professional Series Countertop Oral Irrigator Water Flosser with accessory recommendations

By | January 12, 2017

Professional Series Countertop Oral Irrigator liquid Flosser with accessory tips

pro Series Countertop Oral Irrigator liquid Flosser with accessory recommendations

  • One-touch pressure control system with 4 options on handle delivers a liquid force from 0 to 90 PSI with 1700 pulses per minute.
  • Compatible with 5 different sorts of guidelines which satisfies the needs of a myriad of dental attention.
  • Water container could be inverted for travel and storage space.
  • Built in storage space for 9pcs of nozzle tips.
  • Size – 9.5″(L) x 7.5″(W) x 5.5″ (H) – big 54 oz capacity

This Deluxe Countertop Oral Irrigator is effective with eliminating germs deep between teeth and underneath the gum line. The effective jet massages and encourages your gums to improve circulation keeping all of them strong and healthier. Our design additionally tends to make this system perfect for cleansing around dental care bridges, braces and crowns. Ergonomically created handle and 360 degree turning nozzle quickly allows you to get a grip on water circulation to all the areas of orally. The large 54 oz water container will ensure you have a good amount of liquid to clean your whole lips.

Checklist Price: $ 59.95


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