Remote Pet puppy dog collar 300 Yard Rechargeable Liquid Crystal Display 100LV amount Shock Vibra by eight24hours

By | December 20, 2016

Remote Pet puppy Training Collar 300 Yard Rechargeable LCD 100LV degree Shock Vibra by eight24hours

Remote Pet Dog receiver collar 300 backyard Rechargeable LCD 100LV degree Shock Vibra by eight24hours

  • Remote Transmitter:
    1). Connect the charger connector to your recharging jack.
    2). Plug the charger into a typical socket.
    3). The red-light on the Transmitter is lighted.
    4). Charge the Transmitter at the least 6 hours the very first charger.
  • Low electric battery Indicator:the Collar Receiver could keep beeping for 2 minuets unless It gets charged.
  • Connect the Transmitter with the Collar Receiver:
    1). Switch on the Transmitter and select 1or 2 networks to encode.
    2). Lift the Reset area of the Rubber address inside Collar Receiver.
    3). Utilize a toothpick or paper click to insert to the Reset HOLE in the Collar Receiver.
  • 4). Hit the ESTABLISH key regarding Transmitter straight away while you are reading a beep from the collar.
    5). The Collar Receiver will beep , this means that the Transmitter features encoded the collar.
    6). After completion, put the plastic address in the right place maintain the internal unit from dirt and water.

Package information:
1 x radio control product
1 x collar
1 x charger &cord
1 x test light &replacement probes
1 x working directions

List Cost: $ 31.91


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