Teeth Tooth Whitening System with NonPeroxide Gel- Very secured and simple to utilize, Lower Teeth Sensitivity and determine FAST Results

By | January 11, 2017

Teeth Tooth Whitening program with NonPeroxide Gel- Very secure and Easy to make use of, Reduce Teeth Sensitivity and view FAST outcomes

Teeth Tooth Whitening System with NonPeroxide Gel- extremely secured and simple to Use, Reduce Teeth Sensitivity and find out QUICK outcomes

  • NonPeroxide Teeth Whitening Light program for a total Treatment
  • Includes Tooth Shade Guide to Track Progress
  • Plasma Blue Light Technology to make use of at Home
  • Patent pending teeth whitening gel responds with the light- 3 Syringes of 3cc each
  • Includes Mouth Trays and Tray Case

This is an entire Whitening System. Our gel is a non-peroxide blend which responds using teeth whitening light. This patent pending system provides a secure solution to whitening your teeth with little or teeth susceptibility cause by other peroxide fits in. In addition our solution has actually a unique filler which reacts aided by the Plasma blue light included in this system. Other light systems have solution that doesn’t respond anyway utilizing the light and they claim that it whitens better considering that the light gets hot the gel. The home heating helps just a little but our gel has a particular enzyme that actually responds with the light. Enjoy this safe and simple to use system when you look at the security of your home. Get dental practitioner high quality outcomes without leaving your home.

Checklist Price: $ 25.07


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