Teeth Whitening Premium Kit – Professional Results From Your Home! 3-D Teeth Whitening Kit – Great Cost, Instant Results, And Whiter Teeth!

By | December 13, 2016

Teeth Whitening Premium system – Professional Results From Home! 3-D Teeth Whitening Kit – Great Price, Immediate Results, And Whiter Teeth!

Teeth Whitening Premium system - expert outcomes from your home! 3-D Teeth Whitening Kit - Great Price, Immediate Results, And Whiter Teeth!

  • FINISH AT HOME TEETH WHITENING KIT – Our kit includes everything required for pearl white teeth and a brilliant smile. The enamel secure, expert energy advanced teeth whitening gel will begin making a significant difference within moments. It will be easy to see impressive outcomes with this 44% teeth whitening gel in only quarter-hour or less.
  • AFFORDABLE TEETH WHITENING – no longer expensive teeth whitening sessions. WonderWhite is helping you save several thousand dollars.
  • GREAT VALUE – big 5cc top quality Syringe , 2 Thermo Forming Mouth Trays, COMPLIMENTARY LED accelerator light, Instructions guide, Shade Guide (to keep tabs on development)
  • REMOVES COFFEE, WINE, AND TOBACCO STAINS – beat those unsightly spots for a younger and healthier smile. You may start observing outcomes instantly. Our 44percent premium high quality teeth whitening gel may be the exact same enamel safe formula your dental practitioner offers for 10x cost. Our kit is sold with the trays and instructions. – 100per cent PLEASURE GUARANTEED
  • SIMPLE and CONVENIENT – Form the trays to suit your teeth ina moment and simply add gel for a simple and convenient look make over. You may begin seeing outcomes following the first treatment.

Ponder White At Home Professional 3-D Teeth Whitening Kit:

Are your embarrassed of the stained and yellowish teeth?
Can you not feel just like investing countless dollars on Dentist?
Do you realy desire you can just get those pretty shiny white teeth without taking a trip?

Ponder White is our best-selling system which includes a syringe of our popular whitening gel, a sophisticated and sensitivity no-cost formula that offers you dramatic however safe outcomes. Just position the solution in 2 thermo-forming lips trays. You’ll also vitamin E swabs prep the serum, also to protect your gums, and an innovative LED light that activates the whitening serum. After 20 minutes you’re going to be on your way to the laugh you’ve been thinking of. You may also view your progress using no-cost shade guide we included.


Our Title States It All!

Teeth Whitening Premium System – Expert Results From Your Home! 3

Checklist Price: $ 9.99


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