THE number 1 Rated Teeth Whitener for females. Lumist Advanced Whitening Strips ‘On Her Behalf”. Whiter teeth in 5 days ASSURED.

By | December 18, 2016

THE # 1 ranked Teeth Whitener for Women. Lumist Advanced Whitening Strips ‘On Her”. Whiter teeth in 5 days ASSURED.

THE number 1 ranked Teeth Whitener for ladies. Lumist Advanced Whitening Strips 'For Her''. Whiter teeth in 5 days GUARANTEED.

  • WHITENS TEETH 5 COLORS IN 5 TIMES – 3 times faster than leading companies. In medical tests Lumist delivered the same whitening power as much leading rivals 14 time kits. Try us away, all you have to drop is the yellow stained teeth, and expensive dental care remedies.
  • HIGHEST CONCENTRATE OF WHITENING INGREDIENT (20percent) – Enamel-safe. Will not lighten or develop sensitivity in the gum tissue or harm the tooth enamel. Reccomended by dental practitioner as a powerful at home way to develop healthier glowing whiter teeth. Lumist provides permanent results for months ensuring your brilliantly shiny white teeth. Dramatically pull spots brought on by wine, soda, coffee, tea and smoking.
  • COMFORT FIT TECHNOLOGY – Zero sensitivity to your teeth and gums unlike Crest 3D or Rembrandt. These products use Hydrogen Peroxide which are with the capacity of brightening your smile additionally cause severe sensistivity much more than half patients that decide to try all of them. Another 30-40percent complain of oral susceptibility for a few days after remedies. WIth Lumist and our complex formula you will see almost no to no sensistivity in your teeth.
  • WEAR WHEN AND ANYWHERE – Comfortable enough to chat, workout, look and also drink during your smile. No messy serum or bubbling foam. Lumist features a gentle pleasing taste the expose your teeths real brightness. Optimal class carbamide peroxide begins polishing as soon as you use. Lumist types a water tight seal that doesn’t fall when applied. Be assured you will be dazzling friends and family and co-workers as you flaunt obviously pearly white teeth.
  • 100% CASH BACK GUARANTEE – We guarantee you’ll love the reults or email us and we’ll refund your entire cost. Our house treatment is equivalent quality of whitening which you recieve at dentist office at a portion of the price.

Lumist is a teeth whitening strip like you have not seen before or utilized prior to! Unlike mainstream teeth whitening kits, Lumist has actually a patent pending formula that whitens your smile in a single third of that time. That means our teeth whitener will make your smile 5 shades brighter in 5 days or less! our teeth whitening system features a new & improved whitening formula not just whitens faster but another neat thing in regards to the brand new formula eliminates any pain or susceptibility that you get with other whitening services and products. It brand new convenience fit technology unlike any kind of whitening strip. With Lumist you aren’t sticking a slimy bit of synthetic in your teeth that slides around, tastes bad, and enables you to n’t need to go out of your bathroom till its done. This product is comfortable to wear and types around your smile therefore completely that within 2-3 minutes you can’t even inform that you’re wearing them. The fit is really perfect actually that you can head to work, exercise at the gymnasium, and sometimes even drink together in.

Checklist Cost: $ 39.99


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