This is a Review for 4 of the Top Best Water Flossers on the Market

By | November 25, 2016

Top Best Water Flossers

0:00 ok so I'm going to give you guys a review on the best water flosser on the
0:06 markets
0:07 I have four different water flosser is here now first thing you guys have an
0:11 airflosser get rid of it because all the air flossers I've used in the past
0:15 are
0:16 I mean they're okay but they don't even compare to a regular string floss these
0:21 water flossers will blow out a string floss as well as any airfloss ok so i
0:28 have four different water Florida's flossers here
0:31 this is a water park this is a out Waterpik Waterflosser Ultra And Waterpik Cordless

Waterpik waterflosser ultra and waterpik cordless plus combo pack includes 12 accessory tips travel case
0:35 this is a Waterpik Cordless Freedom Water Flosser, WF-03

Waterpik wf 03 cordless water flosser
0:39 this is a different brand this is a jet pic brand i think it's Jetpik JP200 Elite Rechargeable Electric Dental Flosser Plus Water Power & Sonic Toothbrush and

Jetpik jp200 elite rechargeable electric dental flosser

0:47 this is another Water Pik
0:49 this is the traveler the travel size the Waterpik Wp-300 Traveler now the thing is this ranges from

Waterpik wp 300 traveler
0:57 cheapest and most expensive
0:59 ok this one here I think it's like forty dollars
1:02 this one here is I don't know maybe like seventy dollars
1:08 this one here is maybe like ninety dollars and this one here is very
1:13 expensive as $175 now the thing is I got this one here guys
1:18 this is the metropolis that is the international version ok basically you
1:24 can use the voltage you can use international you can use any country
1:28 these two you can use the voltage in any country
1:32 ok these two are only exclusive like 110 volt is that you can only use in north
1:37 america now just take note they have a jet has another version that's exactly
1:41 like this
1:42 it's not the wp 300 but it's only for north america
1:49 so this actually this is actually the daddy that the big dad here and this is
1:54 the smaller like kid version is not a kid version actually this is a much more
2:00 powerful than this one
2:01 ok so first of all this is a cordless here ok this is the waterpik Corliss
2:07 I you know you put you put the water here and you have different levels of
2:12 pressure here and you have the on/off switch here
2:16 just like that it's a cheap product I think it's like forty dollars
2:21 I think it's a great product but this is the least powerful out of all these ok
2:29 and it's also the cheapest now the second
2:33 so basically this is this is the least powerful
2:37 ok now the next one is this one here is the wp 100 waterpik model now that these
2:42 are almost the same as that thing here except this one here is a like I said
2:48 voltage is international
2:50 now I'll tell you
2:53 ok these two here are much more powerful than this one actually this one here is
2:58 a little bit more powerful this one but you would think it's just it's the same
3:01 thing but this has a bigger motor but that is not the case even though this
3:04 has a bigger motor

3:09 oh yeah mystic wouldn't let me have one more thing - okay these two here are
3:13 actually I mean you can use for travel
3:16 ok you can use for travel or you can simply leave it on your sink area and it
3:21 and it uses very minimal room compared to this big old - okay so these two here
3:25 is it we all this show you here
3:29 this cobbler waterpik this whole unit will fit into this little thing here
3:36 ok this jet pic here
3:39 basically I mean the only thing you need is the nozzle and this and this will
3:44 actually get into here and you don't need to bring this water reservoir
3:48 if you're going traveling because you can simply use a cup of class hotel with
3:55 this to just pop from side or you can even use a water bottle
4:00 ok so the travel size you can see between the size of these two here and
4:09 ok so this one here is the ultra I think the wp 100 now I mean this
4:17 is nice
4:17 you know another thing two guys just let you guys know waterpik comes with a
4:22 bunch of nozzles you know you have 14 like crowns braces
4:28 you know so it comes with like five four or five different like nozzles we are
4:33 opposed to this one here this jet pick up when he comes with one because it's
4:37 universal because not only does it shoot water out but it shoots a floss out that
4:42 my opinion
4:44 blows out all these are the water tastes so this is definitely my painting the
4:49 best and it's not the most expensive
4:51 I think this one is like ninety dollars this would be the second best here but
4:54 this is like a hundred seventy five dollars
4:58 now see this one here is cool because when you pop the closet on here and make
5:05 sure you how this works
5:06 you just hear plenty to do here at plant
5:10 just like that and the sick the same thing with this one doing the Papa New
5:12 York lamp
5:13 now these are both eject buttons to pop the nozzle
5:16 but see that's one here is older has a pause button which is really convenient
5:21 the thing with this one here it doesn't have a pause button simply it's a comes
5:27 off on button and power level here
5:30 so when you start this up you have to put in your mouth and then started up
5:34 ok then when you're done you gotta turn off
5:38 you no spit the water out and then put this back nozzle back into your mouth
5:41 and then put it back on so it's kind of inconvenient i think what a picture come
5:43 up with that kind of pause button on here because it's just this is much more
5:47 powerful than this one but there's no pause button so it's kinda this one here
5:52 is the on/off button here is right here and other thing is to is a these two are
5:59 coordinates ok
6:00 these two you have to plug in
6:02 wall the wall socket for turn on this one here to the jet pic let me show you
6:09 how this basically work and this is cool too because I don't always hear this one
6:13 actually comes with a sonic toothbrush
6:16 so if you simply pop that off like that and then you pop the sonic toothbrush on
6:25 her like that
6:26 super strong not a thing it's like the waterpik they come up with a bunch of
6:31 different nozzles they actually come with one nozzle that's like a little
6:34 toothbrush but it doesn't like spin is not assigned to it but i think it
6:38 doesn't shoot water out the middleman you have to like make brush your teeth
6:41 this doesn't make sense it anyways this is the the jet pick and let me just show
6:50 you how this actually just like a little loss to show you how this works
6:54 basically just fill this up this and this pops down this hose comes out this
7:08 late i don't like that then just plug this in here another cool thing is -
7:12 guys this is completely water provide actually uses the shower
7:16 I will floss first there was something flossing I pop this out
7:20 now put a new toothbrush nozzle in here now brush brush my teeth actually I'll
7:24 brush my teeth first
7:25 and you're actually no you know what i floss first and once i'm going to say
7:30 check that up with the toothbrush in here and an extra toothbrush and they
7:34 have to do that I comes with tongue tongue cleaner as well there is a ton of
7:37 theater but basically this is how it works
7:39 you have to be able to see it but there's been a wall that shooting out of
7:46 there that's pretty much how it works
7:48 once you're done with this you can just pop this down and you can wrap this up
7:53 just like that
8:00 basically because all the space it takes one takes up on your sink
8:04 this is pretty much the same size of this almost basically how you use this
8:09 traveler

3:06 this one is still more powerful now but now between these two
8:10 waterpik this cup of water very easy you just pop that in here like this make
8:17 sure that's down and remember when you use this
8:20 I mean you have to put when you put it on you have to have dessert in your
8:23 mouth was going to shoot why
8:29 so you have to keep your mouth
8:37 and that's pretty much how this
8:42 WP for this is wb-300 so basically overall guys this is like forty dollars
8:49 I think this is like seven dollars this is like ninety dollars
8:53 this is under Section five dollars the best bang for your buck by far is this
8:57 gadget here and it comes with tongue cleaner
9:00 sonic toothbrush and it comes to issues out with the loss as well and it cleans
9:06 ten times better than this one but I mean if it definitely is better than all
9:12 these but the second-best would definitely be the traveler kit even
9:15 though it's possible for travel but you can actually put it on a countertop your
9:19 sink as well and this will clean better than both of these as well so that's
9:24 pretty much it in regards to my personal review if you have questions where any
9:31 of these products or even here flossers just comment below and i have a link
9:34 where you can get all these on the bottom and you can check the links below
9:38 for the prices because I may be a little bit and correct the pricing and all
9:41 these pretty much it thanks guys

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