Twin Moldable Enamel Teeth Whitening Guality Traya with Silicone Mouth Molding

By | December 17, 2016

Dual Moldable Tooth Teeth Whitening Guality Traya with Silicone Mouth Molding

double Moldable enamel Teeth Whitening Guality Traya with Silicone Mouth Molding

  • This mouth tray with Double sided,meaning that in the place of buying 2 single part.
  • Pre-filled smooth silicone polymer trays, utilized for teeth whitening both top and reduced teeth and impress tooth.
  • Dual smooth lips trays,made of food grade silicone polymer material.
  • Give you the best whitening and confident look.
  • In a sealed vacuum Nylon case to help make the gel more effective.

Technical parameter:

1. Color: Transparent Clear.

2. Material: food-grade silicone,TPR lips tray .

3. Size: smooth Duplex for mature; Dimension of carton field:


4. body weight:35g

5. Certificates: FDA,CE.

6. Package: sealed in a Nylon bag,which result in the lips tray even more safety and hygiene.One carton pack 2 foil bags.


1. Bite it and get your teeth style.

2. Squeeze some whitening serum both for upper and lower side

3. Put it to your lips, bite it

Suit for:

1. Extrinsic enamel discoloration (affected by coffee,tobacco,sauce,tea,food,etc).

2. Intrinsic enamel discoloration (e.g.mild fluorosis or tetracycline staining).

3. Genetically yellowish teeth.

4. Other reason behind teeth discoloration.

5. All of the individuals who wish a whiter & brighter look.


* Keep in dry, cool destination and avoid sunshine.

List Cost: $ 6.09


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