Upper + Lower Personalized Dental Teeth Whitening/Bleaching Trays

By | December 14, 2016

Upper + Lower Personalized Dental Teeth Whitening/Bleaching Trays

Upper + Lower Custom Dental Teeth Whitening/Bleaching Trays

  • 2 Custom Labratory Made Whitening Trays
  • Built in Reservoirs
  • 2 10ml 35per cent Whitening Gel incorporated with Instructions
  • Custom complement comfort
  • Free 3-Way delivery withing the united states

It is our complete mouth custom created whitening tray kit with reservoirs the bleaching material. To optimize the bleaching process reservoirs are required to allow even more bleaching serum ahead in touch with one’s teeth. Your bleaching trays should be developed within our very own office by a complete time laboratory specialist with 15+ years knowledge. The whole operation is underneath the direct direction of a dentist with over three decades in rehearse. You will be guaranteed could receive a professionally made product.

along with your order you will receive:
2 units of effect material (Part A & B)
2 Adjustable effect tray
2 Return bags
1 Instruction pamphlet
1 Return kind
1 Prepaid postage return label (domestic instructions just)
To Create Impression:
Adjust the dental care tray on size of orally.
The tray could be made smaller by snapping down a section(s) regarding the plastic in rear of the effect tray.
Vigorously combine both parts (A & B) of imp

Checklist Cost: $ 69.00


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