Waterpik Dental Liquid Substitution High-pressure Jet Tips

By | December 30, 2016

Waterpik Dental Water Substitution Ruthless Jet Recommendations

Waterpik Dental Liquid Replacement Questionable Jet Guidelines

  • 2 in 1 high pressure ideas made for the ultra
  • Double color-coded liquid flosser replacement nozzle guidelines per bundle (color of recommendations may vary)
  • Cleans deeply between teeth and underneath the gum range for daily use
  • Dr. Recommended, nozzle tips must certanly be changed every 6 months
  • Clinically proven to be two times as effective as conventional string floss for increasing gum health

Take care your tooth: For basic usage. Cleans deep between teeth and underneath the gum range. Proven become two times as effective as string floss for increasing gum health. You need to know: substitute every half a year 2 color-coded water flosser replacement guidelines per package (colour of recommendations can vary greatly). Fits for: Recommended for use with WP462 black cordless plus liquid flosser WP440 cordless expert water flosser WP480 waterpark showerpik water flosser WP450 white cordless plus water flosser WP360 cordless water flosser.

List Cost: $ 13.95


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