Wellness HealthPro FC-1 Portable Cordless Brush UV Sanitizer (Blue)

By | December 10, 2016

Wellness HealthPro FC-1 Portable Cordless Toothbrush Ultraviolet Sanitizer (Blue)

Wellness HealthPro FC-1 Portable Wireless Toothbrush UV Sanitizer (Blue)

  • Safely Kills 99.9per cent of most surface Bacteria & Viruses
  • Fits all non-electric toothbrushes, and a lot of electric toothbrush heads
  • Also may be used for tweezers, makeup brushes, nail clippers and more
  • Perfect for holidays, company trips, camping or every day home use
  • 5-minute sanitizing period with automobile shut-off; uses 2 AA battery packs

The Wellness HealthPro FC-1 portable UV brush sanitizer gets rid of around 99.9per cent of micro-organisms such as for instance E. coli and staphylococcus. The FC-1 could be the perfect inclusion towards regular cleansing routine. Features a safety switch which instantly transforms the light on when the instance is shut and down when it is available. Please note the FC-1 will not supercede your normal brush cleansing. Please rinse and dry your toothbrush after each and every use.

Why Utilize UV Light
Ultraviolet radiation can be used to eliminate microorganisms, molds and fungi in several environmental programs. Ultraviolet sterilization is used for air-purification methods, liquid purification, tank and pond upkeep, laboratory hygiene and meals and drink security. Ultraviolet light is beneficial for targeted reduction of microorganisms. UV departs no residual substance or radiation and does not damage people. The therapy is effective with airborne and waterborne pathogens.

How UV Light Works
Ultraviolet light kills microorga

Checklist Cost: $ 19.95


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