Wellness Oral Care High Power Cordless Electrical Rechargeable Compact Oral Irrigator Liquid Flosser (WE4200)

By | January 22, 2017

Wellness Oral Care High Power Cordless Electrical Rechargeable Lightweight Oral Irrigator Liquid Flosser (WE4200)

health Oral Care High Power Cordless Electric Rechargeable Compact Oral Irrigator liquid Flosser (WE4200)

  • Two flossing settings – Clean for typical, everyday cleaning (80psi) and Sensitive (40psi) for children and those with painful and sensitive gums
  • integrated extended rechargeable-battery that can last for 4+ weeks (2 minutes each day) on a single charge
  • Compact retractable design with fold down nozzle tips
  • Easy to fill 5.5-ounce liquid reservoir allows you to floss longer
  • BPA No-cost; Food And Drug Administration, CE and Intertek registered

The Wellness WE4200 is a quick and easy method to floss. There’s no sequence to maneuver around your teeth while never have to fret whether the pressure you will be utilizing is proper or otherwise not. You simply cannot cut your gum about it, as if you would do with manual flossing. It has been determined in research that liquid flossing is considered the most effective way to floss and get gone dental care plaque. It removes plaque and germs being lodged underneath the gum line including between teeth. Water flossing is effective if you have dexterity problems, children, people who have braces and those experiencing periodontal conditions. It stops periodontal pouches in which plaque build up has triggered the gums to recede producing perfect places for bacteria to breed. The health WE4200 can direct a jet of liquid efficiently to the pocket to dislodge the micro-organisms and plaque. In a nutshell, when you use health WE4200 Rechargeable Portable liquid Flosser, you’re giving your teeth an intensive cleansing which will be not possible with a manua

List Price: $ 44.95


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